With a sigh of despair, you may ask yourself, “What the heck am I gunna post on social today?”

Don’t even worry about it, here’s 30 ideas to spark up some inspiration.

  1. Inspiring quotes– people love to be inspired and share motivational images.
  2. Product updates– be sure to include the benefits to your customers.
  3. Fill in the blanks– “If I could meet one person this year, it would be _____.”
  4. Ask for input– what better way to get input from your customers about your product than to ask.
  5. Create a poll– Maybe you want to know what new dish to serve at your restaurant, or what day of the week an event should be. These are easy to set up and can give you great consumer insight.
  6. Industry news
  7. Customer testimonials– Take a great customer testimonial and create a branded postcard. You could even run a contest and recognize the customers who give you amazing testimonials.
  8. Ask for stories about your product– Create a contest or post asking customers for interesting stories about them using your product, or how it has affected their life in some way.
  9. Follow up posts– Use Google Analytics to determine your top blog post and write a follow-up or updated post
  10. Video testimonial– Even better than a written testimonial
  11. Tips– Write a how-to guide to help your audience, tips for saving money, getting organized, or places to see on vacation.
  12. Contests (Video, photo, captions)- Create a fun and interesting contest to run on a social media platform.
  13. Customer/Customer of the month
  14. Share valuable resources– e-book, whitepaper, course, checklist
  15. Behind the scenes– Show your audience a glimpse at a recent product launch or a never before seen (appropriate) pic of your co-workers at a work function
  16. True or false question– Post a question and ask your audience if they think it is the truth or a made-up story
  17. Promote another related business– help build awareness of a new business, or show some love to a business you’ve used for years.
  18. Be thankful– thank customers, fans, and employees.
  19. Give back to the community– donate to a local cause and ask your audience to help, or share a local fundraising event that you are participating in to encourage more participants.
  20. Giveaways– It gets a lot of audience engagement and people love to win!
  21. Sneak peaks– new products, new office, upcoming events.
  22. Encourage sign ups– cross-promote your social media channels and encourage people to join your email list by providing valuable content they can’t resist.
  23. Unique use of your product
  24. Infographics– Visual content is hugely popular and infographics are easy to create and a great way to share information.
  25. Themed days– Motivational Mondays, FAQ Fridays, etc.
  26. Product comparisons– Compare your own products against each other, or share your comments about a line of products.
  27. Post a challenge– Ask your audience to participate in a fun challenge and ask them to submit photos, stories or comments.
  28. Knowledge– Share something you learned at a recent conference or an important tip you read.
  29. Share relevant, local news.
  30. Product tutorial– Share a video or step-by-step instruction for the best practices of using your product, and include valuable tips your fans will appreciate.
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