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How to Invite People Who Like Your Facebook Post to Like Your Page


Do you want to get more people to like your Facebook page? All you have to do is invite them. So you’ve been posting a ton of content on Facebook. You have people engaging with it by liking, sharing, and commenting, but nobody is liking your Facebook page.  That’s pretty lame in my book. Don’t worry though, Facebook has a discreet and highly underused tool that allows you to...

How To End An Email: 63 Of The Best Email Closings


An e-mail farewell is one of the easiest ways for you to stand out and make a lasting impact on the person you’re communicating with. It’s a shame that this section of the email been ignored for so long. Here are 63 of my favorite email farewells that I’ve found around the internet. (Some email farewells are better than others, so be smart when using them.) Go ahead, put some...

The Greatest Spotify Playlist For Young Entrepreneurs


I’m making this post to let you all know that I’ve officially launched a public Spotify playlist called “Nick’s Picks” and it will feature 10 of my favorite tracks that I’ve been listening to and what I think you should be listening to as well. If you’re not aware already, I’m in love with rap and hip-hop. I have a ton of respect for all the rappers...

Your Business Is A Media Company


If you’re not treating your business as a media company first, you’re already behind. It’s the middle of 2018 and 77% of all adults in the United States own a smartphone. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and YouTube are at our fingertips almost every second of the day. We’ve created a society that allows us to create and distribute our brand stories at scale...

An Easy Way To Find Instagram Influencers


At the time I post this, I believe that using Instagram influencers is by far the most underpriced form of advertising right now. It’s unfortunate, but people don’t know how to price themselves properly. I believe that we’re in an influencer bubble right now. It seems like everyone under the age of 25 wants to be an influencer. And you know what that means. The more influencers...

What Is Ecommerce? A Complete Guide.


Ecommerce, also known as ‘Electronic Commerce’ is the process of buying and selling physical or electronic items online. Ecommerce is more popular than ever before and for a lot of people, it has actually replaced some brick and mortar stores as the preferred way to shop. Why is this? It’s all about convenience and lack of friction. The rise of mobile devices has allowed...

5 Of The Best Free Stock Photo Sites To Use In 2018


Trying to find the perfect images for your content can be difficult, but when you do, it will make your store look 100x more professional. A ton of images that you find on Google are actually copyrighted and you could get sued for using them without the owner’s permission. What you should be doing is searching through copyright free image libraries. All of the images on the following sites...

Nick Cavegn My Thoughts On E-commerce, Marketing, and Social Media.

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